Direct from the Farmer

We source from small scale and rural farmers with limited access to markets. 

Quality Assurance

H. Adam Agro fills the quality assurance gap for small scale and rural farmers to give you the best product. 

Sustainable Farming Practice

Our partners are incentivised to adopt sustainable agronomy practices that not only protect the environment, but increases their productivity.  

About H. Adam Agro

A New Approach to Market Access

Since 1964, H. Adam has has created connections between world class products and the Malawian consumer.  The relationship centered largely on imports. The H. Adam leadership were in agreement that to truly make a difference in the life of every Malawian, a structure had to be developed to participate and supprot the agriculture sector. 

The biggest challenge faced by Malawi’s rural and small scale farmers is a lack of access to international markets.

This forces the sale of produce to vendors on the local markets. Lack of exposure to the international market means no demand for improved agronomy practices and little focus on sustainability.  H. Adam is bridging the gap by facilitating the trade process while working on creating a structured trade approach for the agriculture sector.  

Our philosophy supports Malawi’s Vision 2063 which envisions a modern, mechanised agricultural sector for Malawi. 



Learn More About Our Products

Contact H. Adam Agro to find out more about the products we have on offer, or how we can help to find your desired product, or click below for more details on the commodities we can supply. 

1. Partnerhips

We with small scale farmers and business that are looking to the future, and want to grow with us. 

2. Processes

We build processes and systems with our partners to ensure world class crop quality and aggregation practices. 

3. Benefits

All relationships and transactions must be beneficial to all parties. We cultivate long term relationships that allow for maximum growth throughout the value chain. 

We are established as a sales & distribution company in Malawi whose traditional business model is based on the sourcing and importation of the products from all over the world to bring them to Malawi to satisfy the need of having quality products at affordable prices.

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