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H. ADAM Construction was established in 2018 under H. ADAM Group of companies. Horizontally integrating into the construction industry inorder to support H. ADAM properties, a real estate subsidiary, management would divest fully into the construction industry, after exceptional delivery of several internal projects.

H. ADAM Construction, today, is an established construction and architectural company that provide services ranging from, but not limited to A-Grade Finshes, Structural Advisory, Engineering Advisory, Turnkey Solutions, Renovations and Project Consultancy.

We have built our reputation by performing the highest quality works from small to multi-million dollar projects. Today, we are recognized as a reliable contractor for the driven-knowledge and highly responsible in the assigned duties by our clients.

H. ADAM Construction has a strong professional team who provide the highest quality services on schedule and within the budget. Our people and successful backgrounds enable clients to the allure of working with us.

Experience the most sought-after, business operating atmosphere Zomba has to offer. Inspired and re-imagined, our properties evoke a feeling of Convinience, prime location and Safety. 

Our property business is as old as the H. ADAM brand. As H. ADAM Properties we believe in the the maxim that ‘ at least every 3rd tenant in Zomba CBD, has to be managed by us.’ Ranging from fully-furnished medium to Large floor sized shops and office spaces, our properties include all the amenities you would need: well demarcated compartments, spacious floor space, Store rooms  Wash rooms, and fully-equipped kitchens.

A stone’s throw to Zomba CBD, both our office spaces and Shops are within close proximity to various transportation options and can be easily located.

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We are established as a sales & distribution company in Malawi whose traditional business model is based on the sourcing and importation of the products from all over the world to bring them to Malawi to satisfy the need of having quality products at affordable prices.

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