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Vega Condensed Milk

Vega Evaporated Milk

Miksi Milk

Steri Milk


Vega Spaghetti

Vega Pasta

Indomie Noodles

Pop Mie Noodles

Edible Oil and Fats

Sunny Sunflower Cooking Oil

Amanda Margarine

Ready to Eat

Vega Pilchards

Nestlé Cerevita


Vega Cafe Bonjour

Vega Coffee Regular

Masala Chai

Ginger Chai

Pfuko Maheu

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Durata Batteries

Quantam Batteries

Baking Solutions

DCL Instant Yeast


Bantley Excersize Books

Bantley Ball Pens

Dop (Drink Opop)

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We are established as a sales & distribution company in Malawi whose traditional business model is based on the sourcing and importation of the products from all over the world to bring them to Malawi to satisfy the need of having quality products at affordable prices.

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